Metal Roof Services in Jervis Bay


Nathan Parnell Roofing does roofing. Metal roofs are our specialty.
But we also do more than it says on the tin. Along with installing new roofs and re-roofing existing ones, we are also Shoalhaven’s reliable source of products and services closely related to metal roofs:
  • Wall cladding
  • Skylight supply & fit
  • Whirlybird supply & fit
  • Roof Maintenance, including Replacing Screws
  • Metal Roofing Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Water Cleaning
  • Safety Rails for working at heights
  • Guttering
  • Downpipes
  • Gutterguard
  • Under-Gutterguard Cleaning
  • Fascia, including timber fascia covers
  • Woodfire Installation
  • Chimney Sweeping
As with all our metal roofing services, we go above and beyond to make sure every aspect of our work is done to the highest standards.

Whether your project is large or small, with Nathan Parnell Roofing, you’ll get friendly, attentive customer service and quality workmanship.


Skylights invite daylight into previously dark rooms. Why pay more to the electricity company? Natural light is free. Our skilled tradesmen can brighten your rooms, installing skylights right where your home can benefit from them.
Skylight — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW


Whirlybirds give the hottest air in your house an escape route.

The result? Your house is more comfortable around the clock and you’ll be paying zero running costs.

Your whirlybird will be paying itself off from the day it’s installed. If you run your air conditioner, thanks to the whirlybird, you’ll be able to dial it back—saving 10% for every degree you dial back.

Our experienced team will help you with the details—how many whirlybirds you could install, their placement, the costs involved.

Installation is prompt and the savings will continue for many years to come.
Whirlybird — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW

Woodfire Installation

Call us to have your woodfire installed. The cozy warmth of a wood heater is incomparable.

Our expertise comes to the fore when fitting a woodfire. Being Shoalhaven metal roofing experts, not only do we secure the flue correctly in relation to load-bearing points, we’re also knowledgeable about full compliance with the regulations.

As energy costs continue to rise, wood heaters are becoming even more popular.

Get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to know about installing woodfires. We’ll be happy to help you with your plans to install a wood heater and keep the chill at bay this winter.
Roof — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW

Chimney Sweeping

For safe enjoyment of your woodfire, your chimney needs to be swept every 12 months. Regular chimney cleaning eliminates fire hazards and is recommended by all manufacturers.

Creosote, a tar-like substance, often builds up in the flue. Cleaning, the way we do it—with no street urchins involved—ensures any creosote build-up is properly dealt with.

Neglecting the chimney can result in a flash back from the flammable creosote, which can lead to a house burning to the ground.

At the same time as we clean your chimney, we can give your woodfire installation a safety inspection.
Chimney — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW

High Pressure Water Cleaning

High-pressure water cleaning is cost-effective and safe for the environment.

We use high-pressure water blasting on roofs and gutters. But we also use our professional water blasting equipment to wash house exteriors.

High-pressure water cleaning is also effective for removing mould and accumulated muck from decks, paths, driveways and other outside areas.

Our machine is next level, as you would expect from an industry professional. And we use its power wisely to get the job done efficiently without damage.

Get in touch today for a quote for water blasting at your Shoalhaven property.
Roof Cleaning — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW

fascia & Guttering

Fascia and guttering in need of attention? The metal roofing experts at Nathan Parnell Roofing will make sure these finishing touches to your property’s roof are really finished properly.

Our team is known for their attention to detail. As well as taking care of the practical aspects of protecting your property from the elements, we’ll have your fascia and guttering looking freshly minted. You’ll also have our guarantee of quality.

In addition, we supply and fit gutterguards and downpipes. Along with our professional installation services, we also provide comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of all the items just mentioned.

Get in touch with us at Nathan Parnell Roofing today for any work related to your roofing, fascia and guttering. We’ll take care of everything for you.
Gutter — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW