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For the past 10 years Nathan Parnell Roofing, in Jervis Bay, has been providing quality metal roofing services to the surrounding Shoalhaven areas—from Ulladulla to Berry to Kangaroo Valley, and everywhere in between.

Our work is guaranteed and always the very best value for money. The success of our business depends on exceptional work and happy satisfied customers. We do enjoy seeing the sight of an overjoyed customer whose house has been transformed by a stunning new roof.

Exceeding expectations happens a lot at Nathan Parnell Roofing. We take pride in our work and the quality of the materials we use, especially Colorbond®.

Colorbond® is an outstanding product, appreciated by, among others, Australian architects. These are products that come with 25-year warranties from BlueScope Steel.

Not surprisingly, more than 90% of new homes built in Australia feature Colorbond. Colorbond, in its earlier days, was available in 6 colours. You now have a choice of 22 colours.
Roof — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW
Residential Roof — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW
The cost benefits also contribute to our work being a runaway best choice for roofing and cladding in all types of buildings, residential and commercial. We have our established relationships with suppliers to thank for this.

We may be specialist metal roofers here at Nathan Parnell Roofing, but more and more, we’re being asked to install metal cladding—both internally, as well as externally.

When you are considering property improvement and property investment, our metal roofing and cladding solutions are proving to be absolute winners for our residential and commercial clients alike.

Our job satisfaction level is sky high at Nathan Parnell. Our expertise and experience means we work quickly and accurately.

From our initial free quote, we here for you through to the final installation. When the job is completed, our guarantee of quality will be right up there with your metal roof—it’s going to be around for decades.
Metal Roofing — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW
Metal roofing comes in many colours—22 for Colorbond—all designed to stand the test of time (more than 60 years) under harsh Australian conditions. How long will it take to install? Well for the average residential property, we’ll be done in less than 48 hours. Call for a free quote.
Skylights — Roofing in Old Erowal Bay, NSW
Natural light is a brilliant way to beat rising power costs. A skylight is the gift that keeps on giving. Zero running costs, it will bring more daylight to your home or business. For added energy efficiency, a whirlybird will make conditions inside even more pleasant.
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We don’t take chances when it comes to working at heights. Nor should you. Safety rails are quick to set up and can be counted on to stand in the way of falls and serious injury. If you’re planning any work at heights, ask us about our safety rails.
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Our Projects

At Nathan Parnell Roofing, we’ve completed roofs for properties all over the Shoalhaven area, from Ulladulla to Berry and everywhere in between. Metal roof and cladding are our specialties. Colorbond, now available in 22 colours, is a game changer. Our image gallery will inspire you. Call for a free quote.